See the guilty look on their faces? I bet you feel the same way after polishing off a bag of chips, box of cookies, bottle of wine…

Nutrition tip: Never eat anything straight from the package. Unless it’s a single serving! Serve yourself 1 portion (check the label to see what an actual portion is). Not only will you be mindful of the amount you’re consuming, but you’ll take time to savor it!

It’s a great lesson to teach kids early on. We should be enjoying our food, taking our time eating meals and snacks and listening to our hunger cues. For kids getting their own snacks, or adults who lack discipline, single serve snacks are a great option. Like to buy in bulk? Stock up on snack size bags or containers, and divvy up before the urge to inhale the whole bag hits.

Set yourself up for success. Preparation is key, make it easy and it’ll be easy!