Why should you rescue your down dog? Or rescue any dog for that matter. We hope you’ll join us for the first ever RESCUE YOUR DOWN DOG event on Thursday, May 28th. And here’s why…

We were dog people. We had two pure bred Boxers, great dogs. Loved them. And then life got crazy. moved homes, career, babies, etc…

Fast forward a few years: Life is (a bit more) settled. We built a home with lots of space and a great yard, and those babies were now kids. Kids that wanted puppies. We were ready.

In the years since we bought our first Boxers, we became friends with the Backes’. I watched Kelly and David take their passion for animal welfare and homeless pets and create an organization that educates the public about making responsible decisions regarding pets. Originally, I supported them because that’s what friends do. Now I support Athletes for Animals because their mission has changed our family’s life.

I used to think rescuing a dog meant taking in a sickly, 7 year old Pit Bull missing a leg. Or something like that. I’m not alone in my misconception about shelter pets, which is why I want to share my experience.  I had no idea that there are all kinds of dogs available for adoption – pure breds, mixes, older dogs and young pups! Kelly taught me about animal shelters and the adoption process. She showed me where to look for a pet that would suit our family. There are great online resources, such as national adoption databases, that make it easy to search for the perfect pet.

I found our pups in Kansas. Yes, plural. I adopted two. They were 8 weeks old and about 10 pounds when we brought them home. Lacey and Lola will turn one May 24th. They are the sweetest, most protective, loyal and affectionate dogs. The Boxer-Great Pyrenees sisters are gentle giants, now over 80 pounds. I’m down a rug or two, a favorite pair of boots and often wear dog hair on my yoga pants, but I can’t imagine our lives without them.

I’ve heard people say rescue dogs make the best pets because they know you rescued them. I believe it.

For more information on pet adoption or how you can help make a difference, visit AthletesforAnimals.org.