Easy, quick, delicious and easily adaptable for a variety of tastes. Protein, carbs and healthy fat make this a satisfying dish fit for everyone from my athletes to my weight loss clients. (Recipe inspired by Eleat Nutrition’s Buffalo Chicken Tacos).

Ingredients (serves 2*):

1lb chicken breasts** – flattened
2 celery stalks – chopped
2 cups fresh spinach – chopped
1 small avocado
1/4 shredded cheddar cheese (optional)
1.5 – 2 cups brown rice
2 tablespoons Frank’s Original hot sauce
2 tablespoons yogurt based ranch dressing (homemade or Bolt House Farms)


Prep Chicken:

Spray a large saute pan with olive oil spray. Arrange chicken breasts in a single layer. Saute for 5 minutes on med-high heat. Flip the chicken, add water to pan covering breasts, reduce heat,  cover and simmer for an additional 10 minutes until done. (I’m a little OCD and use a meat thermometer to make sure internal temp reaches 165 degrees.) Remove from water and set aside until chicken is cooled enough to shred with ac couple of forks.

Prep the bowl:

Layer rice, spinach, and cheese if using (I skip it for weight loss clients) on a plate. Mix chicken, celery and hot sauce and add to plate. Garnish with avocado, ranch dressing and additional hot sauce if you like it hot!

*Adjust serving size for weight loss, maintenance or performance.

**Don’t cook? No prob. Pick up cooked chicken breast from the market.