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See what some of our clients and colleagues have to say about working with us.

Jaden Schwartz

Stanley Cup Champion, Left Wing, St. Louis Blues

“Kim has helped me with workouts to maintain strength, stretching to help stay injury free, and the movements/exercises to improve my posture have made a big difference for me. The season can be a grind with the busy schedule and she really understands the demands on an athlete’s body. She’s smart about what it takes to help keep us performing at the highest level. I’m glad that I have Kim to help me as I pursue my dream.”

Jamal Mayers

NHL Stanley Cup Champion

“Pilates for athletes is the perfect solution for any professional athlete looking to gain an edge. I began Pilates with Kim in 2002 after a potentially career threatening injury and went on to play another 11 years in the NHL in large part to this regimen. Pilates will make you stronger, more in tune with your body and recover faster.”

Corey Hirsch

Former NHL Goalie, Olympian, Radio Broadcaster Vancouver Canucks and Mental Health Advocate

“As an Olympian, NHL player, NHL coach, and now professional broadcaster, Pilates4Pros is the advantage players have been looking for in all sports. It’s common sense that in today’s game, all players are fit, but we are all looking for that extra edge to put us over the top. I have seen and know firsthand that Kim creates custom programs that make the difference. With strength, flexibility and endurance training, Pilates4Pros will help you become stronger, faster, and an all-round better athlete. Best of all, it will greatly reduce your chances of injury and fatigue. I’ve seen the results, and I know what Pilates4Pros can do for athletes. To me, if you’re not with Pilates4Pros, you’re falling behind.”

Michael Murphy, DC

Performance Chiropractic, Team Chiropractor for the St. Louis Blues and the St. Louis Cardinals

“Kim is a true professional and an excellent listener to your specific needs. She is able to tailor make a program just for you: regardless if you are a professional athlete or just getting into fitness. Her knowledge in her craft is second to none and when she spends time with you this really shows. As a Chiropractor, Kim is a valuable asset in assisting with my treatments and compliments are overall health goals very well. Not only do I recommend Kim for my patients and friends, I participate in her program myself for help with rotation in my golf swing.”

David Bass

NFL Defensive End

“Two of my major goals after completing my rookie season were to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility. Kim configured a Pilates program to help me achieve that and more. Pilates helped me gain strength, improve muscle endurance and increase flexibility through creative, controlled exercises. There’s not a session I left without feeling refreshed. I would recommend Kim to any athlete interested in improving flexibility, core strengthening, injury rehabilitation through a different style of training.”

Vladimir Sobotka

Center, Buffalo Sabres

“Even after the first time I worked with Kim I felt a difference. I felt light and faster on the ice. She taught me exercises specific for my body which made me recover faster and helped with soreness from games. Kim was especially helpful after I broke my knee, staying on me to do extra work to help my recovery and was a good friend checking up on me while I was missing Olympics.”

Zac Stacy

NFL Running Back

“From the first week I worked with Kim, I noticed a dramatic change not only in my performance on the field, but a whole change in how my body felt off the field as well. As a pro athlete, it is essential to take care of your body and maintain your condition. Pilates4Pros – best investment ever made.”