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The demands on the professional athlete’s body during the season, and their ability to remain at peak performance and execute as expected can often be a challenge. Pilates is an essential and effective partner to the modalities most often used by professional sports teams. In conjunction with strength and conditioning, nutrition and the medical and Chiropractic approach to healing and recovery, a sport specific Pilates based program can help keep athletes in top form while practicing, performing or rehabilitating.

Studio Pilates Training

Sessions utilize various Pilates apparatus (reformer, trapeze table, ladder barrel and chair) to improve core stability, balance, flexibility and overall strength. Customized warm up techniques and stretch routines will be developed for each athlete to use throughout the season.

Off Season Conditioning

Off season cardiovascular conditioning, plyometrics, speed, agility and strength training aid in reducing body fat, increasing endurance, improving agility and preparing the the athlete for the season ahead. Programs are sport specific and tailored to meet the athlete’s timeline.


Customized rehabilitation programs include collaboration with athlete’s trainers and doctors to help regain mobility and re-establish healthy movement patterns after rehabilitating an injury. Any combination of P4P services can be combined to assist athletes in a speedy recovery and seamless transition back to training or competition.

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